Interview - Adam Davision - 10 Questions

 I like what I do because

  • It plays to my strengths and I can see the value I add through what I do. It also enables me to be constantly learning and acquiring new skills.

I am good at

  • Seeing the big picture, distilling the key messages out of detail, seeing things with a different perspective, getting on with people

My biggest success ever was

  • I don't think I can pick out one thing, but gaining a commission as an officer in the RAF ranks pretty high as does completing the London Marathon

My life philosophy says

  • When everyone else looks to the right, try looking to the left

My highest value in life is

  • Treat people honestly and fairly and expect the same in return

The craziest thing I have ever done...

  • Climbing with a friend up an snow field in Glencoe in Scotland in the middle of winter. It turned out to be a lot steeper / more dangerous than we had expected and we were both extremely relieved to make it safely to the top.

I never miss…

  • Downton Abbey, the Alex cartoon in the Daily Telegraph

My hobbies and interests are

  • I like to be outside – hill walking, mountain biking or working on my allotment. I also have a passion for history and help support Churchill Forge - one the only remaining water powered forge mills in the UK in working considition. 

What particular or unusual skills do I have?

  • I’m told I’m good at role plays – maybe I’m a frustrated actor?
  • I’m quite good at providing desktop support for various family members

And how I can be helpful to you?

  • I can help you to develop an IT strategy and is business focused and delivers real value through innovation
  • I can help you implement that strategy
  • I can give your real insight on what you need to do to move your organization forward particularly in the so called “soft” areas like culture and behaviours
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